The big singing circle


  • Song of the body: € 59,00
  • The big singing circle: € 29,00
  • Beide workshops:
  • €79,00
  • Duur: 3 1/2 en 2 uur
  • Personen: 6-12 (the big circle max 20)
A singing gathering open to all.
  • An invitation to live big, to share and nourish each other through sound.
  • With circlesongs, chants  and melodies from all over the world we will explore voice, resonance rhythm and the sacred. Come along and bring your friends!

Circlesongs is where a circle of singers takes melodic and rhythmic parts from a facilitator using repeated rhythmic and harmonic patterns that create songs unique to the moment. Circlesinging draws from all kinds of world music. Under the guidance of the facilitator, the group is lead in a music journey; every moment is free of preconceptions and is created anew. Designed for singers of every level, with the aim to create a safe vocal community. When you enter the circle, you are in a “Mistake free zone”.

Guillermo believes in the link between singing and well-being. He has the ability to bring people together in song and help them achieve much more than they believe they can.
Deze workshop kost 29 euro incl. drinken en een Bossche bol. Als je meedoet aan beide workshops betaal je 79 euro.

2 keer per jaar komt Guillermo naar Den Bosch om deze workshop te geven. Wil je op de hoogte gehouden worden wanneer hij komt, schrijf je hier in voor de nieuwsbrief.

Vooraf betalen door het bedrag te storten op rekeningnummer NL20 ASNB 0707 7891 41 t.n.v. B.M. Verboven of via paypal; klik op de link voor de workshop The big singing circle   Voor beide workshops:

Deze circlesongworkshop wordt verzorgd door Guillermo Rozenthuler, hij komt 3 keer in het jaar uit Londen om deze bijzondere workshops te geven.

I’m passionate about working with groups and how this opens possibilities to explore listening, co-operation and the fine dance between the individual self, the collective field and the bigger picture. I’ve been doing this work for 20 years in the most diverse settings, from amateur community groups to the corporate environment

I also believe in the link between singing and health, both the healing and harmonising effect of group singing for the individual and also its transformative power for the group, the ways in which singing brings people together, erases hierarchies and foments trust.

Deze workshops worden in het engels gegeven, vandaar ook de uitleg in het engels, als je iets niet duidelijk is stuur dan een e-mail met je vraag naar