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At Chanter en Corrèze, you can take courses and coaching in voice and singing. Gospel, world music or circlesong (improv). Individually or in a group. You’ll be swept away by the passion of my profession and leave with a wonderful experience.

Location: Argentat
At the moment I am working in the Netherlands. Workshops and singing classes in France will resume in spring 2024. Sign up for the newsletter here if you want to be kept informed.
The workshops and lessons are in Dutch, French or English, or in other languages with someone to translate. In French it may take a little longer, we will take more time.
With Circlesongsessions, we don’t need words!

Be moved and get moving by song and improvisation.

Attention to the whole body is important to me, that’s why I use elements from Yoga, Meditation, Sjamanism and Tai chi and take time to ground and listen so that you start singing with your whole body. Also I sometime use gemstones and tone-instruments so you can be aware of the sound blending with your voice. Also these instruments are good for healing the body and mind and spirit, but your own voice is the best sound for healing!

Make an appointment for a singinglesson or take a look at my workhops down below and contact me at , or call me at 00336-88689337 whats’app, signal, telegramm.


Gospel and soul

Learn to sing one or more gospel and/or soul songs in one afternoon. Examples: Wade in the water, Mary, don’t you weep, This little light of mine, Oh Happy day, Lean on me. We start with a body and voice warm-up, then (with the help of a pianist, guitarist or acapella player) we rehearse the songs.

Gospel and soul music energise and unite the group.
They take away tension and stress.
You may even start improvising in your enthusiasm!

Price: € 19,00 without pianist/guitarist, € 29,00 with pianist/guitarist 6 to 10 persons, more by arrangement. A smaller number of people is also possible, in which case you pay the price for 6 people.
Please contact me so that we can discuss the most suitable date. The workshop is perfect for a team outing, a day out with friends or family, a stag party or any other group outing. Only soul or only gospel music is possible.

The level is not important, I take you into the world of gospel and soul music and if there are a few people in the group who have singing experience, we can sing gospel or soul music polyphonically.

Workshop Circlesong

Price: 10 euros per person, for more than 10 people on request.
Prix libre once a month in Parc Saint Angèl, Argentat.
Duration: 1.5 hours, can be shorter
People: 4 - §
Call/ sms/ what'spp/ signal to schedule a workshop

Let yourself be carried away by the sound and rhythm in the CIRCLESONG.
Short warm-up/ energiser (only questions and answers and/or repeat after me) or long workshop for more depth.
and/or repeat after me) or a longer workshop for more depth.
This workshop is very suitable for companies and team building.
As a manager you can see how the team evolves during the workshop.

You can also book this workshop with friends if you want to have fun singing in polyphony together,
singing in rhythm without words or making music with weird sounds.

Do you want to learn to improvise?
Do you want to play with your voice?
You don’t want to be forced to sing “beautifully”?

This workshop is for you!
We start with body and sound exercises. Afterwards, we have a vocal romp, forming a group with room for variations and solos. The workshop leader does the circle song at the beginning. Then there are two possibilities: The workshop leader continues to create a circle song chorus or, if the group needs to create, gives step-by-step instructions on how to create a circle song. You use your voice as an instrument and any sound you make with it can be music.

You stop thinking for a while.
You may listen differently to the sounds of everyday life.
Sometimes you may be touched by what you or someone else creates.

Basically anyone can participate, from professionals to bathroom singers; someone with a vocal block can produce rhythmic sounds. Once you are in the circle, you feel that there is no need to be shy, there is no judgement either.

You can also organise this workshop with a circle song, lyrics and poems, which you create yourself or recite from a collection. Or a workshop with children (and adults): make music with animal sounds or make a song in a circle with sounds from the country where you spent your holiday.

Minimum 4 people, maximum 10 (larger groups are also possible, but with a different set-up and location. Contact us for the possibilities).

Would you like to organise a workshop? Contact me and we’ll discuss the most suitable date. The workshop is perfect for team building, a family day or any other group outing. It is great fun for children and can be done on site!